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Aleksandra Borys works in the fields of choreography, video, installation, astronomy, cosmology and ecology. Her work looks at the human body, environment, the earth, the universe, quantum physics and asks what is the choreography and dance that happens between them. What can the body learn from the land and night sky, how the relationship of human to universe influences the way the earth is treated, and what are the consequences of this. Fascinated by space travel, her work admires the beauty of planet Earth. Interested in looking at Earth from a distance, and how this perspective changes the way life on our planet is approached. The work wishes to challenge the ways human physical existence is viewed. She received a Master of Art and Science from Central Saint Martins, University of The Arts in London, and a BA in Contemporary Dance from CODARTS, University of the Arts in Rotterdam.

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All the images use for the prints come from SpaceSnake installation which was build of 175 instant pictures inspired by The Overview Effect. The individual images coming from NASA publicly available collection, represent Earth with Sun, Moon, Saturn and its moons in constellations that are not possible in our solar system. Each one of them is a unique fantasy on planet Earth meeting other celestial bodies. The pictures were created using InstantLab from Impossible Project which allowed multi exposure technique on Polaroid Film. more about my art works you can find on

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